4 Cheap & Best Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan | Tested

If you are looking for cheap and the best hosting in Pakistan, you have come to the right place. I’ve worked with many web hosting services and listed some of the best options in the article below.

Cheap Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan(Yearly Price)

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HostingYearly PriceBandwidthGet Discount
cheapest hosting in pakistan$33.37UnlimitedGet Discount
cloudways pakistan$1561000 GBStart 3-day trial
$62.88UnlimitedGet now
hostpapa logo$59.40UnlimitedGet Now

Note: Singapore is the nearest web server to Pakistan and provides maximum speed, only if you are targeting Pakistani audience. (Good for SEO)

ProviderSingapore ServerFree .com domainConclusion
HostingerOur favorite
HostPapaCall support

When I started my blogging career, I always needed clarification about where I could find a cheap, fast, and reliable web hosting company. Finding one that suits your online needs from thousands of providers takes time and effort.

Fast websites perform better in search engines because it is a ranking factor.

Best Hosting in Pakistan

1. Hostinger

best wordpress hosting in pakistan

Plan Name: Premium

Free domain registration for the first year

99.9% uptime

Unlimited Bandwidth

100 GB SSD storage

WordPress acceleration

30 days money back guarantee

Singapore web server available

24/7 support

Website: Sign up

Hostinger is one of the leading web hosting services that was founded in 2004. It has experienced a phenomenal rate of growth since then. More than one million people have used Hostinger to this date.

The company provides shared, VPS, and cloud services.

The secret behind Hostinger’s insane growth is its affordable prices and great customer support. The interface has been developed in a way that helps newbies set up and manage their websites efficiently.

Pricebest is also hosted on Hostinger premium web hosting, only $2.99/mo. I have considerable experience in assessing and comparing web hosting services, especially those offered by well-known companies such as Godaddy and Namecheap.

Surprisingly, Hostinger wins the comparison, justifying the reason for continuous growth.

Why Hostinger Premium plan is a good option?

hostigner premium web hosting

I will outline few of the advantages of its affordability.

1. Free .com domain: It offers a free domain registration that normally costs $7-$9/Year. It is extremely beneficial for individuals who are on a tight budget.

When people begin creating new websites, they are testing many things. It is a good decision to hold off on spending money until the situation improves.

2. Optimized for WordPress: It is configured in a way that helps optimize WordPress websites smoothly.

For someone who is familiar with WordPress, it is a great advantage.

3. Free email: YYou receive a complimentary professional email account for a limited time. It differs from Gmail; it is a professional, unique domain email. Here is an example “[email protected]

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4. Web developers: Website developers can benefit from having the capability to host up to a hundred sites through a single service.

It is a great way to cut costs.

If you are serious about starting your blogging career or an e-commerce website, it is the best registrar in Pakistan

2. Cloudways

hosting provider in pakistan

Plan Name: Vultr 1 GB

Blazing fast speed

1000 GB Bandwidth

Optimized with advanced caches

Cloudflare add-on

Singapore web server available

Website: Sign Up

Cloudways is an expensive yet lighting speed solution. Vultr 1 GB plan is perfect for small-medium sized businesses.

It is capable of handling resource-intensive websites and provides a smooth user experience. If you are selling products or offering services, it may increase conversion rates. However, if you are just starting your online career, it might be an expensive choice for you.

Features of Cloudways

1. Advanced Caches: It uses Varnish and Redish to improve website speed.

2. Managed hosting: They allow people to focus solely on their business, handling back-end maintenance.

3. High-Performance Servers: With a wide range of data centers, CloudWays uses high-quality web servers to help customers better optimize.

3. Hostwinds

hostwinds hosting

Plan Name: Basic

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited diskspace

Free SSL certificates

Unlimited subdomains

Unlimited email accounts

Website: Sign up

If this is your first time learning about Hostwinds, let me provide you with an introduction. Hostwinds shared solution provides features you normally don’t see in other companies.

For a heavy website, unlimited disk space is a blessing. It allows you to store limitless data on your website at such pricing.

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The unlimited availability is extended to subdomains and email accounts as well. You are allowed to create whatever number of subdomains you want.

Live chat 24/7 support:

Their customer service is always available through their live chat option. This helps save both time and money. All of your quick questions can be answered through live chat, and you can save the time of submitting tickets.

4. HostPapa

best hosting in pakistan

HostPapa markets itself as an affordable service for small businesses, but its plans can be used for projects of different sizes.

HostPapa wants to make people feel welcome and at home with its unique image and brand elements like the PapaSquad and PapaCare. Even though this is an excellent way to sell, HostPapa’s services are as good as those of other mid-range hosting companies.

Still, HostPapa’s hosting plans are reasonably priced and have some nice features.

Hostpapa love for environment

When people look for services, they often focus on how fast a page loads and how often it is up. They often forget about a critical factor: how the company’s existence affects the world.

In reality, it takes a lot of energy to keep a web hosting site up and running all the time. When data centers house hundreds of thousands of computers, the prices and energy use can be very high.

There are companies like HostPapa that care about the environment. They are always looking for ways to lower their carbon footprint and save money on power. They not only help make the future better, but they also offer cheaper plans because they save money by using energy.

HostPapa is proud to say it was one of the first web hosting companies to use healthy operations. They decided to buy green credits, which help compensate for the power their data centers and offices use.

This is one way that HostPapa supports and promotes the growth of green energy sources like wind and solar power.

It is WordPress friendly

Most hosting companies give support for WordPress, which is the most popular content management system. HostPapa is no different, but what makes them stand out, especially for people who are new to the site, is their constructive team.

With HostPapa, it’s easy to set up WordPress. You can install WordPress with Softaculous by searching for the WordPress logo in your CP and following the guideline.

But that’s not all HostPapa does. They add to the power of WordPress by giving you a wide range of apps and tools for marketing, shopping, and email. With millions of apps, you can improve your website any way you want.

HostPapa has also made relationships with other companies that can help your WordPress site.

Using the content distribution network from CloudFlare, your website will load faster. SiteLock gives you basic security measures, and Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates provide you with more protection and let you do your shopping.

The goal of HostPapa is to keep things accessible and help in any way possible.

HostPapa support wins

You can count on HostPapa’s PapaSquad help team if you run into any problems along the way. You can call, email, or chat with them at any time. They are ready to help you 24/7/365. HostPapa also has video lessons and guides that you can download.

HostPapa is the only company that allows you to talk to their help pros for 30 minutes over the phone. These meetings are part of the Business and Business Pro plans, but other clients can also pay a small fee to use them.

With HostPapa’s constant help and support, WordPress is easier to use, and running your website is less hassle.

5. Godaddy

GoDaddy provides web hosting services to help people create an online presence. Below is an overview of GoDaddy’s services and the factors that makes it a leading company.

GoDaddy mainly provides shared hosting, virtual private servers (VPS), and dedicated servers. The most used is shared hosting, where many websites share resources on one server.

Besides hosting, GoDaddy is a big player in domain registration. Users can register, transfer, and manage domain names all in one place.

Godaddy is easy to use for newbies. The hosting comes with a website builder allowing people to create websites without technical knowledge.

You can easily administer domain and hosting using the control panel.

It has made big investments in marketing, resulting in a strong global presence. The ads and sponsorships made more users aware of their web hosting options.

Godaddy provides way beyond hosting and domain services. These include email, SSL certificates, and e-commerce solutions.

The infrastructure is built to manage high traffic and guarantee fast website performance.

Customer support is available 24/7. The help with technical problems and general advice make them a good deal.

All the solutions are adjustable based on your traffic with competitive prices.

Especially on domain offers that provide great value for first-time buyers. On 3 June 2023, I saw Rs. 1 domain offer on their website.

6. Liquid Web

PlanSitesStorageBandwidthBackupsEmail AccountsPrice (Monthly)Price (Annual)
Spark1 Site15 GB2 TB30 DaysUnlimited$15.83$190
Spark+3 Sites25 GB2.5 TB30 DaysUnlimited$32.50$390
MakerUp to 540 GB3 TB30 DaysUnlimited$65.83$790
DesignerUp to 1060 GB4 TB30 DaysUnlimited$90.83$1,090

Liquid Web is a top-notch company known for its top-of-the-line infrastructure. Liquid Web’s pricing structure is higher than other hosting providers, but there are valid reasons for this. Liquid Web hosting has features that others lack.

They are expert in managed hosting and offers different features based on your business. They handle servers, updates, backups, and technical tasks.

So the users can focus more on their business. The high price is also a result of their dedicated help.

Liquid Web emphasizes its infrastructure for unbeatable performance.

They have a data center with high-quality equipment, backup networks, and strong security protocols. Their system guarantees good uptime, fast loading, and safety.

They called their support Heroic which offers 24/7 help from expert technicians. The team is reachable through phone, live chat, and email.

The response is always fast.

Liquid Web prioritizes security over everything and implements measures to protect its clients. They protect against DDoS attacks and offer SSL certificates and firewalls.

All the above services are included in their price.

They provide staging environments, auto-backups, caching, and tools for developers. These features serve the needs of both businesses and individuals.

They guarantee 100% uptime and response time by SLA. SLA is a service-level agreement that ensures that promises are true.

The SLA agreement is different for every product.

They are woo-commerce, Magneto, and WordPress-friendly.

Liquid Web’s hosting plans are pricier than others but offer premium features, managed services, and guarantee security.

This makes it a top choice for businesses on a mission.

7. Domain.com

PlanPriceBilling CycleFeatures
WP Starter$3.75/mo*Billed $135.00– Unlimited storage
for 36 months– Scalable bandwidth
– Customized control panel
– Pre-installed themes & plugins
WP Essential$6.95/mo*Billed $83.40– Includes all WP Starter features
for 12 months– Maximized site speeds and uptime
– SiteLock professional security
– Automatic malware removal
– 24/7 Support
– Get a FREE domain name for one year**

Domain.com was founded in 1998, and since then, it has been a leading provider of web hosting solutions. Now, it powers over 1.2 million websites throughout the world, making it one of the top companies.

Domain names, web hosting, Email, SSL certificates, site design, email & marketing are some of their services.

Customers have full control of the domain. Domain.com’s free services include URL & Email Forwarding, Transfer Lock, and Total DNS Management.

They take a deep interest in customers’ technical issues.

Domain.com’s solutions assist clients in making progress toward their objectives. They take satisfaction in advising clients.

They are a trustworthy resource. By providing domain registration, web hosting, and other services, they help people get their websites up.

Difference between shared and WordPress hosting?

These two are the most used types of services. When you are just starting, these two options stand out in the competition. I’ll discuss the features in detail below:

FeaturesShared WordPress
MeaningShared hosting is a type where many websites are hosted on the same server.
Imagine a large building where occupants stay in separate quarters, but all the people access the same entrance.
WordPress hosting is also shared but with optimized features for WordPress.
Think of it like a big 5-star hotel that supports the same features but with better facilities.
SpeedShared is the cheapest option. Your website may experience lag or downtime more often.WP solution is more expensive but with better features to optimize website loading time.
ConfigurationYou can install WordPress through Cpanel.WordPress provides a 1-click installation feature.
Customer ServiceThe support is provided by submitting a ticket or email.The support is provided by submitting a ticket or email.
  • Shared plan is a good option if you are new and testing things.
  •  WordPress plan is a better choice for ranking new websites if you know what you are doing.

How Much Does Hosting Cost in Pakistan?

It mainly depends on which type you choose. Every company has different specifications, and the prices come hand-in-hand.

1. Shared: Shared plan is a startup service, ideal for new businesses and testing. The pricing range starts from RS. 570 – RS. 6000 / month.

2. VPS: A connecting ladder between shared and dedicated server hosting. The prices start from RS. 800 – RS. 10000+ / month.

3. Dedicated server: Very Powerful with dedicated server for large websites. The cost starts from RS. 15000 – 150000+ / month.

Best Server Location for the Pakistani audience

If your website visitors mainly come from Pakistan, Singapore is the closest and fast server location. The closer a server is placed to the readers, the faster a website becomes.

Fortunately, Hostinger has a web server situated in Singapore.

Website speed is one of the ranking factors in search engines. Buying a server location located in Singapore can give you a head start.

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Free services come with a lot of bugs and less assistance. Not receiving enough support is one of the most difficult aspects of using a free service.

There are a lot of technical coding and Cpanel errors that we need help solving, and this is where we need a good helping hand.

Imagine you are getting thousands of visitors in a day, and your website is shut down for due to the poor performance of your web hosting provider.

Believe me, it’s not something you would like to happen.

Criteria of a Good WordPress hosting provider in Pakistan

When choosing a plan for you, there are several things to consider while buying. These factors include:

1. Server Location

This is where most people get it wrong. A server located far away from the visitor’s country can result in a disrupted or slow speed.

It is essential to select a server that is nearest to the visitor’s country.

Datacenter work as an intermediary between website files and visitors. When visitors click to open a website, the data center receives the information and provides relevant data.

In the case of Pakistani specific audience, Singapore is the nearest server location for maximum results.

Likewise, If your target audience comes from the USA, you should choose the USA data center.

If you are targeting Europe, choose Europe as your data center.

2. Features

Web hosting providers that offer extra add-ons and advanced support is necessary for a fast-loading website.

3. Uptime

You might have read this; it means your blog is running smoothly without any problem.

All companies claim to be 99.9% uptime efficient, but only a few fulfill promises. More downtime means a higher bounce back, which means decreased SEO.

4. Cost

Some companies charge higher for what they provide. The reason is that new website owners need lack the expertise to identify between higher or lower prices.

5. Customer support

Customer support team is more than just necessary.

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I once had an experience with a Pakistani support team where I submitted a ticket for an issue I faced.

Unfortunately, the reply came back after many days, but since it was a new website, the impact was bearable.

6. Fast Speed

The most evident benefit of using good hosting solution is faster speed.

Slow websites are disliked.

Fast-loading websites have the upper hand in search engines because Google prioritizes better user experience for the readers. It is one of the search engine optimization algorithms.

You can beat hundreds of competitors by simply buying a better plan.

7. Free trials

Another good thing about best providers is their free trials. They are so confident about the products that they let people use their web hosting plans for 30 days money back guarantee.

If customers are unsatisfied, they deposit cash back into the account.

8. Security

Reliable web hosting solutions provide superior security. You can start the long-term journey with trustable sources.

I’ve shortlisted some of the best options for new website owners in Pakistan.

Recommendation for cheap web hosting

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Getting a tested and high-quality option is essential for your website’s success. While many people fall for free web hosting plans, these options come with limitations such as low speed, lack of support, and bugs that can harm your performance.

If you need clarification, please write me your issue from the contact page. I read every email and try to reply.

Please inform me of the provider you decided on and how your experience was.

Best Web Hosting in Pakistan | Key Takeaways

Hostinger offers exceptional services for WordPress websites at a cheap rate, whereas Cloudways stands out as the fastest provider, giving speed and efficiency.

Hostwinds is an ideal choice that needs unlimited disk space to store data.


Can I get free .com domain registration with fast hosting?

Yes, you can get free .com domain for 12-months that comes with Hostinger premium plan.

What to do if I don't have a debit card to buy hosting and domain?

You can use our company debit card to buy hosting/domain from Hostinger, and you can also get GeneratePress Premium theme for free as well. This offer is eligible to all Pakistanis that use our debit card without additional any charges.

What is the rate for hosting?

The rate for the shared service starts from RS. 500, and the dedicated server typically starts from RS. 100000

Can I buy it for 1 month?

Yes, you can buy hosting for 1 month. However, the pricing plan reduces if purchased for a 12-month or 48-month contract.

What are the four types of hosting?

Four different types of hosting are available: shared, VPS, dedicated, and cloud hosting. Shared is the most affordable option, while cloud hosting is the most expensive.

At 15, Zaryab started his digital marketing career that generated $100 two years later. He is an SEO expert, blogger, and help new businesses grow.

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